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Watch out for T-Lock Shingle Roofs when buying a home in Great Falls

T-Lock Roof Great Falls MT

Watch out for T-Lock Shingle Roofs when buying a home in Great Falls.

Above is picture of a typical T-Lock shingled roof.  If you are considering buying a home with one of these roofs still installed, proceed cautiously.  Be sure to contact your insurance company first and see if they have any restrictions on this type of roof.  You may find that they will no longer insure the roof at all, or may only insure it for its actual value, not replacement cost.

T-Lock Shingle Great Falls Montana

T-Lock Shingle with Granule Loss

What is wrong with T-Lock Shingles?  Well, that is up for much debate.  It seems the older versions of these shingles held up very well to the Great Falls area winds and were the roof of choice for some 40 years.  There are hundreds of homes in the area with this type of shingle still installed.  Some of the shingles manufactured towards the end had some issues with premature granule loss.  Manufacturers discontinued this type of shingle about 10 – 12 years ago.

At this point we are recommending that if you want to proceed with purchasing a home with a T-Lock roof you negotiate with the seller for a replacement or a price reduction that will make up the difference in insured value.  Many times the roof has hail or wind damage which is typical to the Great Falls area, and can be replaced under an insurance claim.

A good way to protect yourself when purchasing a home is to always have a Home Inspection.  Inspections can save you from costly mistakes like this and many more.  If you would like a recommendation on a good Home Inspector in the area, send me a message and I can refer you to 3 or 4 that I trust.