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Investment and Income Multifamily Properties in Great Falls Montana

House Invest

Investment and Income Properties.

Are you a new Real Estate Investor, or a seasoned Pro?  Are you looking for properties that cash flow and offer a good return on your investment?  Let me help you make the right Real Estate choice when it comes to your hard earned money.

Different investors have different tolerance levels for Real Estate Investment properties.  Some investors are willing to take a problem property at a great buy and fix it up themselves to get a property that cash flows higher than normal.  This is how I purchased most of my properties.  Other investors would rather find a property that has already been impeccably maintained and needs little attention other than ongoing maintenance.  When we work together we will find your tolerance level and be able to focus in on the best properties for you.

I am also a partner in a Property Management firm that can handle all of the day to day operations for you and let you relax and enjoy your investment without all the hassles of management.  If you would like more information on how we can improve your cash flow and relieve you of tenant contact, give me a call or email me.

Click here to see what is currently on the Market in Great Falls for Income and Investment Multifamily Properties.

If you would like to join my Insider Investment email list and be notified of the hottest new investment properties to hit the market as well as price drops, complete the form below and I will get you added.  There is no cost or obligation. Even if you are not ready now to start investing, and are just curious as to what the multifamily market is like, sign up.

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