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Time to Downsize

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Time to Downsize?

Is your current home starting to feel too big and empty? Has your nest been empty for some time? Are you making a house payment that is double what you would like? Are your utility bills eating up your monthly income? Are you tired of maintaining 2 – 3 bathrooms? Is the basement now only used for laundry and storage of stuff you really don’t need?

Maybe it is time to consider downsizing.

If you really only need one bedroom and one bathroom, why do you have 2-3 times that many? Why do you continue to climb up and down the stairs to wash the clothes when you could have a main floor laundry?

There are many smaller homes available in Great Falls that are single level and more energy efficient. Payments on a smaller home can be significantly less, or even non existent if you have enough equity in your current home to buy the replacement with cash.

Many buyers overlook these smaller one bedroom homes which can make them a bargain for the right buyer. If you would like to take a look at some smaller options and find out what your current home could be worth in today’s market, call me at 868-6053 and I would be happy to show you.

In the meantime, take a look at this one bedroom bungalow. With a newer Kitchen, Bath, a greenhouse, amazing yard with gardens and raspberries and a 2 car garage – I bet it just might meet most of your criteria.